Nominating Art for the Cover of DS106

I decided that I wanted to nominate some art for the cover of the DS106 Page. So, I nominated one of my assignments and an assignment from Courtney Hardy as well. All semester, I’ve been super impressed by the art that she has created and I think that DS106 admins should showcase it.

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Distress Signal Review

Unfortunately, during the original streaming of the radio shows on Monday and Tuesday I was unavailable to listen. However, Professor Bond allowed me to listen to the show by sending me a link and allowed me to still be able to do the review. So, I listened to Distress Signal and absolutely loved it!

Distress Signal was so creative and well thought out! The intro to the show hooked me and made me want to continue listening. The girls were super authentic and organic during the show and that made me smile. Specifically during the different games they did, they seemed to have real reactions which was really cool to hear.

They also related every thing in the show to the superheroes they created, even the weather forecast and I thought that was really creative. The ¬†different sound effects were amazing, I love the destruction sounds. The girl’s commercials were super professional and if I didn’t know better, I may have thought they were real commercials!

Also, their use of different voice effects to create “callers” that called into the station was intriguing. Last but not least, I noticed that the girls created a photo specifically for their radio show which was super clever. I didn’t even think to do that and I wish I would’ve.

I’m super impressed by what the girls did with their show and love how creative they were! Great job Distress Signal!

Web Storytelling

This week, I was given the task of creating a story by editing a web page’s original content. I decided to use a website that sells street signs as the site I would modify. I decided to use that site because I was having a hard time using Amazon and Ebay and decided to see if I could more easily work with a different site. Turns out, I could and I did.

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