Reverse Audio Quiz

For this 3.5 star assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I did this assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to have a segment of our radio show where it’s like a game during the show and people must guess what superhero theme song we are playing backwards.

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Week 5 Summary

This post is a compilation of everything I did from the week that focused on audio from daily creates to brainstorming for future radio broadcasts. This week in audio was really only 2 days in audio because I procrastinated… what’s new? UGH! Professor Bond told us specifically not to procrastinate and I did it anyway… I want to learn, but how? haha. Anyway… here’s my summary of this week in audio. Continue reading “Week 5 Summary”

30 Second Celeb Speed Dating

I did the 30 second celeb speed dating assignment in which I pretended that I’d be going on a date with my favorite celebrity. For this case, I pretended I was going on a date with Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds because he’s my favorite actor. He’s pretty weird and just tells everyone about his passions and how he feels about certain things. So, I did the same thing when I added “I’m obsessed with my dog.”

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