Moon Graffiti

This podcast was super interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed each of the sound effects. From the sounds of taking photos to the landing of the space shuttle, you can feel the sound rack your bones when each sound is played.

The way the podcast creators did the changes in sound and the narration helps to inform listeners what is happening. I really liked how each movement had a different sound.

The sounds normally used in movies are important because they add to the narration, but the sound effects in this podcast are the narration. It seems that sound drives stories by helping listeners understand what is going on. The sound effects of “Armstrong” breathing heavily and the sound of the crash really effected what I was thinking throughout the podcast.

I really enjoyed reading of the speech about the death of the men who landed on the moon. This podcast was pretty morbid, but it was really interesting to listen to and I think it’s cool that the creators of the podcast created the other side of “what if” they didn’t come back from the moon. This audio stuff is pretty neat and tells a wonderful story!