Eat More Spinach

I completed theĀ Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to create an ad after analyzing billboards. I decided to use Popeye as my example because the only way my parents could get me to eat spinach when I was little was by reminding me that Popeye got big and strong because of it.

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Character Word Cloud

The Character Word Cloud assignment was a fun assignment that helped me to develop how I wanted my character to be perceived. The assignment was created to help with naming and making a word cloud out of a charter’s characteristics, but I decided to use words that help my character, Safety Stan be who he is.

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A Year of Letters

I decided for my first assignment of the week that I’d do a design assignment. The design assignment I chose to do was theĀ Favorite Move Quote assignment. I picked this assignment because I don’t watch movies often, but when I do I’ll watch the same one over and over again until I can quote the whole thing. Continue reading “A Year of Letters”