Moon Graffiti

This podcast was super interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed each of the sound effects. From the sounds of taking photos to the landing of the space shuttle, you can feel the sound rack your bones when each sound is played.

The way the podcast creators did the changes in sound and the narration helps to inform listeners what is happening. I really liked how each movement had a different sound.

The sounds normally used in movies are important because they add to the narration, but the sound effects in this podcast are the narration. It seems that sound drives stories by helping listeners understand what is going on. The sound effects of “Armstrong” breathing heavily and the sound of the crash really effected what I was thinking throughout the podcast.

I really enjoyed reading of the speech about the death of the men who landed on the moon. This podcast was pretty morbid, but it was really interesting to listen to and I think it’s cool that the creators of the podcast created the other side of “what if” they didn’t come back from the moon. This audio stuff is pretty neat and tells a wonderful story!

Analysis of Superhero Movie Stills

In this photo, the foreground includes the Guardians of the Galaxy. The perspective comes from someone who is standing directly in front of Pom and looking at what is taking place. The selection of this photo comes the the producers of this movie deciding that movie watchers needed to see exactly what each character was doing. Continue reading “Analysis of Superhero Movie Stills”

Photography Past, Present, and Personal

From my first digital camera, a pink rhinestone camcorder to my current Canon Rebel T5-I, I’ve loved photography for the past 12 years or so. I have never been great at taking photos, but I’d like to think I’m okay. I have broken my fair share of cameras and definitely didn’t get what I should’ve out of some of them. However, my love for photography has grown as I’ve grown. Continue reading “Photography Past, Present, and Personal”

Jessica Jones is Another Awesome Super Human

I’ve never been a huge watcher of super hero movies or shows, but I watched the 1st episode of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones and thought it was awesome. It’s probably a show that I’ll keep watching.

Continue reading “Jessica Jones is Another Awesome Super Human”

Safety Stan is the Man

Safety Stan grew up in Chicago Illinois. He is a super hero whose mission is to help people cross the street when they’re in need. Safety Stan receives a signal to his watch that beeps when there’s someone who needs to cross the street. Once he receives a signal, he can hit an activation button on his work outfit and teleport to the location within the state to assist the person in need with crossing the street.

Safety Stan is a 5’9″ white male who dresses in mostly yellow. He has brown hair and green eyes.

Safety Stan was hit by a car as he crossed the street in high school and when he woke up from his comatose, he decided that he would help people cross the street. He’s a brilliant man and when he started to think of a plan, he decided to create an outfit in which he can teleport and that notifies him when someone needs help crossing the street.

Safety Stan’s favorite color is Yellow because it’s easy to see, so people see him before he crosses the road. His favorite food is chicken because without his chicken he’s unable to teleport to and from. He loves sweet tea because it’s better than Chicago tea and has some added flavor by way of sugar. Safety Stan’s favorite possession is his stop sign because he’s able to better assist his community in crossing the street when he has it with him. Safety Stan is the man and he’ll help you however he can!