10 Seconds Isn’t Enough

The writing assignment I decided to do was 10 Seconds of Thanks. I really liked this assignment because it was something that I could truly express how I feel about all the things for which I give thanks, but also because it is quick and makes you really think. 

After 10 seconds…

I’m Thankful for:


Care Group




Each of the items I put down have a significant impact on my life. The first item is my bulldog, Mandy. Mandy is my world, she makes me smile when I’m at my lowest and for that I’m thankful. She’s been around since I was in 7th grade and I don’t know how I made it through life without her before then. She’s absolutely wonderful.

And for the added affect… here’s a photo of her:

The second item on my list was Care Group. Care Group is the Christian community that I attend on Thursday nights. They have become my family since November of 2016 and I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without them. I’ve made so many friends through this group and seeing the ministry grow since I joined has been such a blessing.

This is most of my care group family after the Spring retreat we went on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I would hazard to guess that a lot of people say they’re thankful for their family and for me it’s the same. I love them so much and I’m thankful that they made me who I am today and that I’ve grown so much at their hands. I’m very close with all of my family members from my maternal grandmother’s sister’s children and grandchildren to my half-sister, Sarah. I love them all and couldn’t get through life without them.

This picture is of my mom’s side of the family it includes all 5 of my grandparents children and their spouses, my grandparents, and all 12 of their grandkids. We love each other because they love each other and love us.

My father’s side of the family doesn’t take many pictures together, but they mean just as much to me.

Here’s a picture of just me and my grandma… she’d kill me if she knew it was on here.

Her name is Betty, but I just call her Meme. She’s wonderful and makes me smile. She cares so much for so many and I love that about her, but she also has a wild side… as seen in this photograph.

I’m thankful for life. That one is pretty self explanatory, without life I wouldn’t have any thing to be thankful for. So, I’m thankful to be alive and for all of the opportunities that I’ve had because I’m alive.

And last, but not least… I’m thankful for YAF. YAF is Young Americans for Freedom and it’s a conservative non-profit that works to promote free speech, free enterprise, a strong national defense, individual freedoms, and traditional American values. I have been given so many opportunities because of YAF and continue to be given more. I attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and was able to hear founding YAF members at a luncheon given by Young America’s Foundation, YAF’s non-profit sponsor. I was able to see speakers like Dinesh D’souza, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and more because YAF allowed me to attend a conference. Without YAF, my views wouldn’t be as strong as they are today and I wouldn’t have the knowledge about different topics that I currently do. I’m the chapter chair of YAF at UMW and I can’t wait to see what the UMW chapter accomplishes!

Here’s a photo of me at a YAF Conference at their headquarters in Reston, VA:

Being thankful is so important and I loved doing this assignment because I was able to sum myself up in 5 things by saying how thankful I was for each.

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