This class is time consuming, so don’t save all of your work until Friday at 3 pm because if you do… well, you’ll be up all night. I know it’s overwhelming, but don’t drop the class! It’s a lot of fun and there’s interaction with your peers, even though it’s online.

Obviously, you should know that there’s a theme coming in and the theme is the basis of everything you will do in the class from random assignments to your final project.

I would highly recommend having photoshop because it helped me so much during this class, but if you don’t want photoshop… invest in Picsart (a user-friendly app). It’s awesome and really helpful to the class. I have found that there are free sites all over, but they’re not as reliable or user-friendly as the 2 I just recommended.

Overall, this class was awesome, but I wish that I hadn’t procrastinated as much as I did on… well, everything. Don’t follow in my footsteps! Plan ahead of time and remember, just because it’s online doesn’t make it less important. This class counts the same as your other 3 credit courses!

Good luck!

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