A Year of Letters

I decided for my first assignment of the week that I’d do a design assignment. The design assignment I chose to do was the Favorite Move Quote assignment. I picked this assignment because I don’t watch movies often, but when I do I’ll watch the same one over and over again until I can quote the whole thing.

When I saw that I could use my favorite movie quote for an assignment for this class, I knew that I had to use a quote from the Notebook. The Notebook is a movie that a lot of people love, but a lot also hate it. From what I’ve seen when I tell people I love the Notebook, I get put in a box. However, I really don’t care what people think of me, so I just continue telling people how much I love the Notebook (and really anything Nicholas Sparks).

The quote I chose is “I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year. It wasn’t over… it still isn’t over.” Every time Noah (Ryan Gosling) says it in the move I seriously “AWWW” out loud. I think it’s so cute, but also it’s cheesy and I love cheese, even though I’m lactose intolerant.

This quote turns the whole movie around and maybe that’s why I like it so much. It’s when Noah tells Allie (Rachel McAdams) that he wrote her letters for a year because she didn’t think he did and she was upset with him. I love it because it shows how one sentence can turn everything around. It really has no other meaning to me than a super cute story that is part of my favorite movie.

Below each picture, I will explain how I accomplished my take on the Favorite Movie Quote assignment by using Photoshop.

For the first step, you must pick the quote you will use because the quote is the basis of the whole assignment.

After you pick your quote, you must pick out a picture that goes well with what the quote talks about.
After you have picked your photo and saved it to your computer, you must now open the photo in Photoshop. You insert the photo by going to the file tab, choosing Open, and then choosing the photo you’d like to edit from your computer.
The next step is to select the text editing tool on the sidebar. You will click the T and a box will appear on your photo for you to type in.
The box that is shown on the photo in this picture is the text box that you will type the quote into.
The next thing you will do is change the color of the text. You will do this by clicking the small box. In this photo, it is the box that is white. Then a color palette will appear and you may pick your color from that palette.


Next, you will chose your font. I chose a script font because I think scripts are “romantic.” You chose a font by going to the top of the Photoshop application and clicking the font drop down menu. There is a multitude of fonts to choose from.
After choosing your font and color, you must position the text into a readable manner. I thought that the best way to see my quote would be in the left hand corner, so that’s where I put it. This picture is a screenshot of the finished product. 

I hoped you learned something about Photoshop and how to create a masterpiece using the awesome program.



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