Analysis of Superhero Movie Stills

In this photo, the foreground includes the Guardians of the Galaxy. The perspective comes from someone who is standing directly in front of Pom and looking at what is taking place. The selection of this photo comes the the producers of this movie deciding that movie watchers needed to see exactly what each character was doing.The contrast in this photo is interesting because it’s not like the characters are hard to see, but they could blend in easily if they needed. However, the background is blurry with smoke like substances, so it’s easy to distinguish where the characters are.

The lighting in this photo is interesting because clearly they’re outside, but the sky is dark from all the smoke and ash that is compiled in the atmosphere which is really interesting. The contrast of the characters is neat to look at because each of them are super vibrant and easy to see.

This assignment was interesting because the analysis of photos is not something I think about often and it really helped me to think about how I take photos and helped to change the way I view photography.

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  1. I think most people don’t think about analysis – they just react. But analyzing helps us understand the language of the form, whatever that form may be. Your last paragraph embodies one of the main things I want people to get from this course. Glad to see it.

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