Dear Diary…

Dear Diary…

Today, Tony Stark is going to destroy the legacy of myself and his father. He has decided to stop making military weapons and to start making something else… However, he won’t tell me what he’s going to make. I have a plan to ruin his products.

I will go to his home, into his lair, and take whatever it is I need to take to destroy his legacy. After I take his products, I will create my own products that replicate his and work to destroy his products by destroying him.

Tony Stark is working to smear my image, so I’m going to smear his first.

Other than working to destroy Stark, today, I ate pizza with the workers who are beneath me. They are so obnoxious and cannot do anything to save their lives. They don’t listen to me and talk when I’m trying to talk. I have thought about firing them, but when I steal Stark’s materials I will have no one to work with me… I don’t know what to do.

Yours truly,

Obadiah Stane

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