Jessica Jones VS. Vonnegut Model

Jessica Jones is a show that’s like a rollercoaster and doesn’t really follow the┬áVonnegut model.

She comes into this private investigator world and because of where she came from, Marvel, she’s seen as at a lower spot than she was as a Marvel character. However, she still has her flight and super strength, but she’s not a Marvel hero any longer.

As she gets the job and starts investigating, she goes up on the Vonnegut scale because she’s perceived as an awesome investigator. She sleeps with a bar owner she’s investigating, so I felt conflicted because I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I’m a sucker for a good romance. She then finds a picture of a girl in the bathroom and I got mad at him and saw the movie decrease in popularity.

She later she sits in her home and drinks, she went down on my scale and then she left and started to further investigate a situation. Her investigating further definitely boosted her on the scale. She definitely ends on a high note when she finds the girl she’s looking for.

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