Nominating Art for the Cover of DS106

I decided that I wanted to nominate some art for the cover of the DS106 Page. So, I nominated one of my assignments and an assignment from Courtney Hardy as well. All semester, I’ve been super impressed by the art that she has created and I think that DS106 admins should showcase it.

Courtney Hardy’s awesome assignment:

OCs Gone Wild

I nominated the photo in this blog post of Courtney Hardy's because I thought it represented what we do by combining photos together and UMW in 2 different ways. As a freshman, you come into UMW and you have an orientation leader who you look up to and I think this photo is great because it showcases a big part of UMW's freshman year through the orientation leaders and it's just an all around great creation.


Now for myself:

I nominated this daily create that I created because I got a lot of compliments on it and it was the first daily create that I was super proud of. With a lot of hard work, I came up with it and I still really like looking at it. It definitely doesn't have as much significance as Courtney Hardy's assignment does, but I thought it looked pretty neat.

Overall, this assignment was lots of fun and let me search through some works of my classmates which I really enjoyed doing!


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