Photography Past, Present, and Personal

From my first digital camera, a pink rhinestone camcorder to my current Canon Rebel T5-I, I’ve loved photography for the past 12 years or so. I have never been great at taking photos, but I’d like to think I’m okay. I have broken my fair share of cameras and definitely didn’t get what I should’ve out of some of them. However, my love for photography has grown as I’ve grown.I tend to take photos of everything from photos of white boards, so I can remember assignments, to actually photographing bands or sporting events. Photography has grown in my eyes since I was a mere 7 year old taking photos of my dog running through the backyard or the sunflowers in my grandma’s garden. If I’m driving down the road during an awesome sunset, I’ll whip my phone out and snap a photo and if I have my camera, I may pull over and take a “real” photo.

I take photos of random things often, but I tend to take photos of things I think are interesting, beautiful, and sometimes just photos I want to share with others. When I take a photo, I tend not to want to zoom in, especially if on my phone because sometimes it distorts the pictures. So, my overall approach really is getting as close as possible and just quickly snapping a photo.

When I was in high school, I was the sport’s editor for our schools yearbook and was told on multiple occasions by the yearbook sponsor that she could rely on me to take a good photo. I often would go for photos that captured moods of how hard the athletes were working and often times I was successful, but I definitely learned that not every photograph was good and I need to take multiple in order to get the feeling I was going for.

After reading the resources, I definitely think that I can improve my photo-taking skills by being more intentional about what photos I take. Whether it’s focusing on the mood I’m capturing, the story behind the photo, or the contrast between what’s really happening and what I’m capturing, I think that I will definitely be able to hone my photographing skills.

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  1. It seems like you have a long relationship with photography! If it’s something you love, and it seems like it is, you should pursue it more! It would be great if you shared some of the photos you mentioned like the sunflowers, sunsets, and sports events. Have a great day!

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