Storytelling with Safety Stan

Below you will find the Storytelling assignment that I competed that includes 5 different sounds that portray a story. I used these sounds because I decided to incorporate my superhero, Safety Stan, into this assignment. 

While the sound clip is short, I think it portrays exactly what I was trying to do. The first sound you hear is a vibration, that is Safety Stan’s call to action from his phone ringing. Normally, it would be a louder sound, but Stan was in class, so he was unable to have his phone on ring. As he got up from his desk, you can hear the chairs squealing then he teleports to help someone in need. When he arrives you can hear the sound of traffic, then the beeping of the walk signal. After he helps the woman cross the street, she thanks him and he’s on his way.

Here’s the clip of Safety Stan’s adventure:


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