Super Writing Week 3

This week I waited until the last minute to do everything, but we got even more into the theme of Super Heroes and I really enjoyed learning more. I’m not huge on watching super hero movies, so I was surprised when I enjoyed the Jessica Jones episode that I watched.

I watched Jessica Jones and was able to compare her to what people perceive as a “normal” super hero. You can find that comparison below:

Jessica Jones is Another Awesome Super Human

I was also able to compare her to a model that Vonnegut says defines all movies and their plots effects on humans view of them.

Jessica Jones VS. Vonnegut Model

I also did 3 daily creates… each of them were really fun and easy to do.

I thought I'd use a photo of my dog, Mandy, with a plate in front of her for the "Artsy photo or Not?" Daily Create. I think this turned out awesome and I just love my dog so much that I enjoyed doing it.

Would you look at that? Another Young Americans for Freedom picture, I decided to use this photo as my Superhero pose photo because Pat Coyle is a Master Jedi and he's a Conservative super hero. He takes nothing from the left and I aspire to have a small bit of knowledge that he has.

For my last daily create for the week, I did the dot project because I thought that it would be neat to see what I could make with a bunch of dots. My daily create turned out cool, but it's also really abstract which I enjoy.

It was writing week this week, so each of the assignments I did were writing related. I really enjoyed that because I like to write and I think it’s often easier than drawing, design, and other topics that we will have later in the semester.

Super Fly Diamond Fly

My first writing assignment was the Day in the Life of a Super Hero assignment. I used the name generator and came up with the Diamond Fly name... it's interesting because my birthstone is a diamond. Below you can find the post in which I wrote about Diamond Fly. I really liked this assignment because I was able to make it my own and explain what I thought myself as a super hero would be like.

10 Years of Hopes and Dreams

The next writing assignment I did was the Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears assignment. I did this assignment because I really enjoy thinking about my future. I think it will be interesting to look back on this assignment in the future and see how my hopes and dreams have changed. This assignment was worth 3 stars.

Dear Diary…

I also did the Dear Diary... writing assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment because I was able to write from a villain's perspective. It was difficult but really fun. I wrote from the villain from Iron Man, Obadiah's, perspective. This assignment was worth 3 stars and was super hero related.

That Bucket List Though

I also did the That Bucket List Though assignment because I like a look into my future. I think that this assignment allows readers to get to know who I am as a person and how I think. This assignment was worth 2 stars.

I also created my own super hero, Safety Stan, and described how he came to be, who he is, and what he does as a super hero. I think Safety Stan is kind of lame, but I think it’s funny to be lame somethings. You can find my writing about Safety Stan here:

Safety Stan is the Man

I also compared the show I watched, Jessica Jones, to the Vonnegut Model and to how super heroes are perceived. I thought both of these things were interesting and loved analyzing the show in a different way than I would’ve ever thought to do.

The Vonnegut Model analysis is here:

Jessica Jones VS. Vonnegut Model

The Analysis of How Super Heroes are Perceived is here:

Jessica Jones is Another Awesome Super Human

Overall, Week 3 was awesome and included lots of different activities related to writing and I really enjoyed each of them.





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