The Crazy Bunch

I decided to do this assignment, worth 4 stars, because I really love my friends and enjoy showcasing that in whatever way I can.

This collage displays a couple of my awesome friends during a scavenger hunt we did in the mall at the beginning of the summer. We met 2 random guys who are also pictured in this collage who partook in our hunt. The guy “eating the shoe” (weird) is someone we met in Saxon’s and I decided to use him because my friends were so adamant about someone eating a shoe in the hunt. He thought the scavenger hunt was funny, so he allowed us to take his picture.

The old man that looks like he’s whipping my friends was asked to act like he was walking them like dogs, but he decided not to do that, so we got the awesome picture. It’s hilarious because that’s really what I imagine an old man who was angry at annoying college students doing. The man was hilarious and made us laugh!

I called the collage the crazy bunch because we’re aways doing crazy things and trying to find what crazy thing we can do next.

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