Week 2, this Stuff’s New.

This week was long! Not only in DS106, but just life in general. I started a new job and felt like I haven’t had enough sleep in a while and I can’t wait to catch up! 

I definitely procrastinated way too much this week and didn’t want to do any of my work… I guess that’s what happens when you get a day off of school.

Starting on Sunday, I began doing daily creates. I loved doing them and they were fun to wake up to each morning! I turned the notifications for the account on so I wouldn’t miss a post. I have embedded all of my daily creates below:

I loved this daily create because I love fruit and I really love pineapples… My whole room is pineapple themed from streamers to figurines.

I thought this daily create was interesting… I had a hard time pronouncing this word, but it was fun trying anyway!

I love this one because the whole time I was thinking… What am I going to do? Then it hit me, school… diploma… and (of course) Mandy. I think it’s funny because it’s true and then we go to college for the same thing.

I also completed 3 assignments this week from the bank. I really liked doing each of these assignments, but I probably would’ve liked them more if I didn’t procrastinate so much… oops.

I posted a blog post for each assignment, but I have embedded them so you have easy access to each post.

Assignment 1 (Visual) : Family Friendly Billboard

Family Friendly Billboard

Assignment 2 (Design) : Favorite Movie Quote

A Year of Letters

Assignment 3 (Writing): 10 Seconds of Thanks

10 Seconds Isn’t Enough

Another thing that I did this week was work on the Design google doc, we commented back and forth starting Sunday night and there are a whole lot of comments. There were ideas thrown around, questions asked and answered, and we tried to keep it all related to our theme. For me, when I’m given a theme I like to stick to it (like Spiderman to walls because of his webs), so this assignment of plotting the course was really awesome and got my wheels turning. The people I worked with in the google doc had so many good ideas that we were able to work together well and put some good ideas down for when the time comes for Design week.

Each of the assignments and daily creates helped me think outside the box and create something I would’ve never done on my own. I really liked everything about DS106 this week, even though I was tired and procrastination hit me hard. The week was awesome and I learned how to proceed in the future!

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