Week 4 Summary

This week was awesome. I love photography and all things visual so I really enjoyed it. From 20 minute photo hunts to spending lots of time trying to make Spiderman do an every day task this week was really beneficial and I learned a lot.

20 Minute Photoblitz

This post is the photo hunt I did… the hunt was interesting and I really had to be creative with how to tackle the assignment because I didn’t have much time, no one was home, and I couldn’t go outside. I really enjoyed being able to think outside of the box with this task.


Safety Stan in Collage Form

I did this 2 Star assignment because I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate the hero I created last week into an assignment I did this week. So, I found this assignment and changed it up. I was supposed to make the assignment about me, but I decided to do it about Safety Stan and I had a good time trying to figure out what to include about him.


The Crazy Bunch

I did this assignment because I really like my friends and we’re always doing something crazy, so I thought it would be cool to include that in one of the assignments this week. It worked well because I had a bunch of random photos from a time we did a photo scavenger hunt in the mall.


Photography Past, Present, and Personal

I love photography, so this was a reflection of that love and how I came to love it so much. I really enjoyed creating this reflection because it helped me to reminisce on my photography through the years.


Spiderman Does the Laundry

Oh how I love Spiderman. I decided to do this assignment because I enjoy working with photoshop and thought it would be neat to see how my creativity could expand through an assignment.


Analysis of Superhero Movie Stills

This was my least favorite assignment for the week. Analyzing stills from movies was really hard because I didn’t know a lot about the terms that were expected to be used. However, I did enjoy being able to see how photos can be dissected and I look forward to seeing how it will change my photography in the future.

Here are each of my daily creates from the week:

I enjoyed making these daily creates because they don’t take super long and they help keep me on my toes with creating different things.

Overall this week was really awesome and I enjoyed each thing that I did, especially because I love photography so much.

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