Week 5 Summary

This post is a compilation of everything I did from the week that focused on audio from daily creates to brainstorming for future radio broadcasts. This week in audio was really only 2 days in audio because I procrastinated… what’s new? UGH! Professor Bond told us specifically not to procrastinate and I did it anyway… I want to learn, but how? haha. Anyway… here’s my summary of this week in audio.

Below you will find my Daily Creates:

This daily create was interesting, but I'm not happy with how it turned out... If I was a creator of socks... really? I could've been more original and I wasn't. I also am not an artist, so drawing on my phone was especially hard.

This was my proudest moment this week. I'm really happy with how this daily create turned out! It's beautiful and captures the passing of the seasons. However, I wish I would've paid more attention to the order of the seasons instead of worrying about beauty.

This picture was supposed to be of something tall, but I couldn't figure out how to stretch a photo properly and my dog turned out to look really weird, but I had to incorporate her some how because we all know how much I love her.

Below you will find the activities I completed this week for (10.5 Stars):

Storytelling with Safety Stan

This activity (3.5 stars) was interesting, but challenging. I had a hard time deciding what kind of "story" I would tell, but decided to do something related to my superhero character. I really like how this assignment turned out even though it is pretty brief.

30 Second Celeb Speed Dating

This assignment (3.5 stars) was interesting, but it was a little weird because I felt like I was bragging about myself and then putting it out into the world. I really enjoyed the idea that I'd be going on a speed date with my favorite celebrity, but I was uncomfortable because I felt like I was bragging.

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

This assignment was interesting.. I tend to listen to country music, so I had a hard time not making a country song even more country. I finally decided to use this song because there's a meme about it and I wanted to come across as #relatable.

Here is my radio bumper for the DS106 Radio Show:

DS106 Radio Bumper

This project was interesting because I had no idea what to say to introduce the radio show, so I just said "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's super ds106" and played a music in the background. I like how it turned out, but had a hard time coming up with the idea for it.

Here’s my Superhero’s soundtrack:

Superhero Soundtrack

I did this soundtrack as a way to introduce Safety Stan to the world. If he had a TV show or movie, it'd be helpful to give background and introduce him to the world. The assignment was difficult because I was still learning audacity, but I learned and eventually got the hang of it.

My Ideas for the Future radio show can be found here:

Radio Show Ideas

These ideas are just quick little things that popped into my head that pertain to the theme and would help in having something to cover during a podcast. I like the ideas I came up with, but I do think that they could be worked on to be more inclusive and creative.

Overall this week was good and I enjoyed learning how to use Audacity. It was a hard week and I waited until the last minute, but I dug deeper into the theme and learned more about audio editing.

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