Weekly Summary 7

This week the class spent a majority of the time collaborating and thinking about how we’d tackle our radio shows. I am in a group with 3 other people and we have been collaborating through google docs and groupme.¬†We came up with some awesome ideas that you can find below.

Here’s a summary of the progress we’ve made as a group, so far:

Radio Show Process

We did a lot of collaboration, but realized that it's kind of hard to collaborate online. We have decided what our topic is, but not how we will tackle it, so in the next few days we will discuss how to do that.

Here’s the assignment I created in order to advertise our radio show:

Radio Show Design Assignment

I decided to use this photo because it addresses one of the powers of the hero we plan to use and it reminded me of what it would look like for someone to get interviewed on a talk show.

Here are the assignments I completed (11.5 Stars) in order to add some extra mass to our radio show:

Dramatic Reading Remix

I did the dramatic reading remix assignment (4.5 stars) because I thought that if I could find a song about a product that Jane Smith may use, I could turn it into a commercial. That's exactly what I did with this assignment and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Character Bird Calls

I did the character bird call assignment (3.5 stars) because I thought it would be an interesting way to help introduce Jane Smith to the listening audience when she is about to be interviewed.

Reverse Audio Quiz

I did the reverse audio quiz assignment (3.5 stars) because I thought it would be a cool game to add into our radio show. I think it'd be an interesting segment and get listeners even more engaged. This reverse audio clip is pretty easy to guess, but during our radio show we can make the clips a little more difficult to guess.

Here you can find my daily creates:

This daily create was funny because I wanted whatever I used as my "Amazon Echo" to rhyme with Amazon Echo. So, I ended up using a box of legos and while the create itself isn't funny, I thought the rhyme was because it reminded me of the elf on a shelf meme.

This daily create was easy because when I saw that it needed to be something that was fast, I immediately thought of the running water that I captured in a waterfall a couple of months ago. However, I definitely should've been more creative and actually created a daily create instead of just using a video I had already taken.

This daily create was interesting and made me laugh when I saw the finished product because it is a little goofy. I was just trying to accomplish the task at hand. I had friends comment on it and wondering what I was doing, so it was cool to be able to share my DS106 experience with them.

Overall this week was interesting, but I probably should’ve worked in a more effective manner especially because I have others relying on me. I definitely think that we should set our radio show to be due a couple of days earlier than the assigned deadline, so that we are on time and not running down to the wire trying to get the assignment finished.



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