Weekly Summary 9

This week there was a focus on web editing and assignments. I was worried about how difficult the week would be, so as usual… I put it off. However, I found out that I really enjoyed the week in and of itself. You can find my assignments from the week below.

Here is my review of the radio show I listened to:

Distress Signal Review

I listened to Distress Signal radio and I was blown away by the authenticity and the talent the hosts had. I really enjoyed the show and wish we had another opportunity to hear more from these ladies!

Here are my daily creates:

This was an interesting daily create, it made me think pretty hard about what DS106 would be like. I thought because we will be much more technologically advanced we won't have computers to create, we'll just use our brains. Also, I thought about how all of the classes would be online, so I created the idea that I used for my daily create.

This daily create is interesting and I thought it was very clever that on the #DC2112 the site admin decided to use words/phrases that are the same forwards and backward. Also, REMEMBER that for this one... don't add an "S" to melon or lemon...

Snapchat is my go to for scary pictures especially at this time of year, so I just went to snapchat and found a filter I could use to be a "villain." Then I thought about what I would call this filter and realized it was a zombie, so I'd be Zombie Zourtney instead of Courtney.

Here’s my daily create story:

One day, Zombie Zourtney was thinking about the future and how it could change. She realized that in 100 years there would be no Super DS106 work from creators working hard and they'd be able to think about it and create it, so it'd be hard to destroy because they could just make more because of the #DC2117 hashtag, which @courtkneelane her biggest enemy partook in... you can find that here. She then realized that since she wouldn't be able to destroy she would no longer have the title of E.V.I.L like SpongeBob once described... EVERY VILLAIN IS LEMONS... So, no more lemon, no more melon was born. The END.

Here are my assignments (6 stars):

Create Finsta Gram

This is my create a finsta gram assignment (3.5 stars). I did this assignment because I wanted to incorporate my dog into the week in some way. I was able to do that with this specific assignment because I made a dogstagram for her.

Google Draw Something

This Google Draw Something assignment (2.5 Stars) was a lot of fun. I thought it was really interesting that the site could generate whether it looked like the item it was supposed to or something else. It was like playing a game as I completed it and I really enjoyed that aspect of this assignment.

Here’s my web storytelling assignment:

Web Storytelling

This assignment was hard, but interesting. I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to edit things on different sites, so I decided to change sites and that worked better for me than the other sites did.

I also¬†Nominated Art for the Cover of DS106… but shh… it’s a secret. However, you can find my explanations for my nominations here:

Nominating Art for the Cover of DS106

Overall, this week was lots of fun and I enjoyed each moment. Creating with websites is interesting, but difficult in some cases because sometimes sites don’t want to cooperate. I enjoyed this week!


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