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Hello! My name is Courtney Owen and I am a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington. I love my dog, hammocking, photography, and getting to know new people. I’m really excited to get involved in this class and cannot wait to see what digital storytelling is all about. I have posted introductions on multiple social media platforms for this class. You may find those below.

I posted this tweet to Twitter because I thought it went along with the theme of super heroes. I simply said hello to my classmates as a way to say to them "Hey, this is my twitter and I'm in your DS106 class."

The pictures below are the 5 pictures I posted to Flickr in order to introduce myself to the DS106 community on Flickr. Below each picture there is an explanation why it assists in introducing me to the DS106 community.


I posted this picture because it is of my wonderful dog, Mandy, she makes me happy and she's pretty cute.

Cape Charles Love

I posted this picture because I love Virginia, Cape Charles, and the friends that I was with when this picture was taken. They say "Virginia is for Lovers" and I believe that it's the truth because what other state would make their own signs out of materials that represent the area and display it in their towns.


I posted this photo because it is from the first Young Americans for Freedom conference I ever attended. This conference honestly changed my life and how I look at the world, politics, and people.

YAF Tabling

I posted this picture because it shows how hard we've worked to get where we are, as a club. I've been trying to start this Young American's for Freedom club since January 2017 and finally in August 2017 I have almost been able to achieve that goal. The club isn't recognized, but by our efforts we have recruited 68 interested parties. I can't wait to see what YAF does.


I posted this photo because it is one of my favorite photos I took during the first concert I ever shot. I really like concert photography and I was able to shoot two of my favorite band's live in one night. Here is Nick Wold, lead singer, of Dreamers.

Here’s the video I used to introduce myself to the Youtube¬†¬†community:

Here’s the Sound Cloud post that I made to introduce myself to the Sound Cloud community:

I learned a lot through the experience of creating a blog and introducing myself to the cyber world. I learned how to embed different pages into a blog post, how to overcome my comfort zone of refraining from posting videos and sound bytes on social media, and I learned that sometimes when your website crashes and will no longer work… you must start all over.

I wasn’t expecting coming up with super hero names and words to play off of would be difficult, but it was definitely much more difficult than I imagined. However, I really enjoyed having a theme to go off of and being able to make it my own by using my favorite super hero as my blog’s main theme. I think that creating the physical subdomain and installing WordPress was easy because last semester I took a digital studies course and learned how to use Domain of One’s Own. That class was very beneficial to understanding exactly what we’re going to be doing this semester.

One thing that really drove me crazy was that I couldn’t find the blog theme that I used for my personal blog to use again on my DS106 blog. So, the two blogs are not unison which bothers me, but not enough to change it because I love the theme of the other blog too much.

I can’t wait for this class to get rolling as we look further into telling stories digitally.


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